What I’m working on lately

Cat, CharmedImage Courtesy of Surachai @ FreeDitigalPhotos.net

 On Saturday, after finishing a final draft of my story, I went to the Dunkin Donuts near my house and ordered a medium hot coffee with cream. They always seem to get the cream just right and if you’ve never had their coffee, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

I popped open my laptop and story. What I just finished is the final draft of Grave Injury, which is my second contribution to the Mary O’Reilly Paranormal Mysteries series in Kindle Worlds on Amazon. For those of you who don’t know what Kindle Worlds is, it’s where you get to “play” on the playground of certain sets. For instance, Mary O’Reilly’s world. Or Wayward Pines. Or Pretty Little Liars.

The books in Kindle Worlds are extremely popular, mostly because the fans who read those series are rabid for new books featuring their favorite characters. In this instance, I’m able to write about Mary O’Reilly, Bradley Alden (her husband) and introduce some of my own characters and plot lines.

I have previously published a Kindle Worlds Mary O’Reilly book called Trouble Lake. I was so gratified to see it was well received. For months it was in the top twenty of the mystery section of Kindle Worlds books. I also so enjoyed writing about ghosts, Mary O’Reilly (I’m a huge Terri Reid fan) and the supernatural.

I’m using the next month to do several things. First, I’m beta reading for a good friend of mine. I’m also taking a self publishing course to help me learn how to get my books into the right reader’s hands. Soon, I’m taking some time from work to go play in the ocean with my Valentine, Joe.

Next month I plan on finishing a final draft of Elise, Evermore, which is the third book in the Whitfield Witch series. The first book is Baylyn, Bewitched. The second is Cat, Charmed, and Elise is the third. I write the Whitfield Witch series with my sister, Jennifer Starkman and we have a blast doing it!

After that? Who knows, although I do plan on continuing to write for Kindle Worlds. I just can’t get enough of things that go bump in the night.



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